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What's up at Intuit Nutrition?


Covid-19 Update

Hi all

Thank you for visiting my site, made all the more significant due to current  situation. I think we can all agree that we are in an unprecedented time. If nothing else, it is showing the importance of prioritizing our self care and immune systems strong and resilient!

Healing Inspirations, the store and healing center from which I have the privilege to work, is set to reopen in June! All of us in the Healing Inspirations family have used this time to reinvent the store and the treatment room spaces, so stay tuned to find out when you can come in for all your smudging, space clearing and energy amp-ing items. 

Once open, Intuit Nutrition (A.K.A. Me 😉 ) is set to take wellness counseling, reiki, biofeedback and ancestral clearing session when the store reopens. To make an appointment, click here to schedule your appointment today! My hours continue to be from 9 am to 6 pm Mondays and Tuesdays.

Our protocol upon opening is as follows:

Customers at Healing Inspirations describe the browsing experience as relaxing, calming, and a time out from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

We appreciate your business and will work to preserve the uplifting atmosphere while we also follow NYS and CDC guidelines as we prepare for possible reopening in June. You will still find Healing Inspirations to be a sanctuary of peace.

* Face Masks - Customers, clients and practitioners will all need to wear face masks 

* Sanitize Hands - Customers must use hand sanitizer provided at the door

* Social Distancing - We will practice social distancing

* Sanitize Space - Door handles and surfaces will be cleaned regularly

* Healing Session Precautions – For Reiki and all other healing sessions we will wear masks and change top sheets and blankets with each client and have hand sanitizer in all rooms along with time between clients to clean rooms.

* Reading Precautions - For readings we will maintain social distance

* Illness Precautions - If practitioners suspect that we are ill we will reschedule your appointment. We ask that you do the same.

* Appointment Arrival - When arriving for an appointment you can browse the shop. You can have the option of waiting in your car for your appointment and we will text you when ready as the waiting room is small.

* Additional Cleaning and Sanitizing - We have had our carpets professionally cleaned and sanitized and will continue to have regular air sanitizing of the space.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me via the Contact page or call me direct at 315-416-7776. 

We are in this together!

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